Bunk bed

I bring to your attention the step-by-step process of manufacturing a two-story flowerbed. It will be especially useful if there are weaving flowers.
So, for the manufacture of a two-tier flowerbed, we need the following material:

- an unnecessary car tire for laying the lower tier (the size to your taste is better when it will be almost proportional to the upper tier);
- car drive (again, which is no longer useful for a passenger car);
- a metal pipe up to 1.5 meters long and up to 6 cm in diameter (the thicker the pipe, the stronger and more stable the base of the upper tier. But remember that too wide a pipe can significantly reduce the area on the lower flower bed, so choose the optimal diameter);
- sledgehammer;
- bolts and nuts (2 pcs.);
- a metal plate with two holes of 5 cm in length and up to 2 cm in width;
- oil paint in two colors (one shade for flower beds, a second shade for a stand, i.e. a pipe);
- brush for paint;
- solvent (if necessary).
Step-by-step manufacturing process
Step number 1. Choose a place to establish a flowerbed on the site and immediately lay the rubber car tire.

Step number 2. We take a metal pipe and a metal plate to weld them together (here you need to use welding) and then in two holes you need to fix the bolts with nuts to the disk, bottom view.

Step No. 3. Drive a pipe with a disc with a sledgehammer into the middle of the tire. In order not to spoil the welding of parts, it is necessary to put a wooden plank in the middle of the disk.

Step No. 4. We clean the tire and disk from dust and dirt. We paint a two-story flowerbed in two colors. Let the paint dry. We put a film in the base of the disk to prevent spillage of the soil. Then we fall asleep with the earth and plant flowers.

Such an original flower bed will not only save space, but also make your site beautiful!