How to hem a curtain

Have you purchased a light transparent curtain in the store, knowingly knowing that it will not fit in height?

To hem it you will need: scissors, needles for stabbing, sewing threads, ruler and marker for working on the fabric.
First you need to determine the curtain height, in our version, the fabric will lie slightly on the floor. On a small area of ​​fabric with needles, fix the height of the curtain.

Remove the curtain, lay it on a clean floor. Measure with a ruler how much the veil will be shortened. Tuck it along the entire length, securing it with needles.

Cut off excess fabric by 5 cm from the fold. The veil is easily cut evenly if the flooring has straight lines. This fabric is very thin and clearly shows lines on the floor that can be used instead of a ruler. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to postpone the marker for work on the fabric from the fold using a 5 cm ruler along the entire length of the veil.

Now, on a small piece of fabric, you need to mark the middle of the hem with needles, using them as guidelines.

Remove the previously stabbed needles and double bend (twist the fabric in half). Stitch the hem with needles, removing the needles on the bend.

Since we will not stomp the fabric, we need to stab the needles more often so that the fabric does not move out under the foot of the sewing machine.

Thus, tuck the entire length of the veil.
Sew the hem on the machine with a straight line.

Every 20-30 stitched centimeters you need to remove the needles so that they are not lost during sewing.

At the end of the work, cut off the excess working threads.
Easy transparent curtain ready!