Knitted rug in the shape of a heart

Knitted rugs occupy their popularity among needlewomen, as this is a very interesting activity, and the result is pleasing to the eye. These rugs can be knitted as a gift for a friend, or just to decorate your interior. Such a rug is knitted with a hook and three types of yarn. For those who know how to crochet, it is not difficult to knit such a masterpiece.
-To knit a rug we need:
-Yarn of red color,
-Yarn of white color,
-Yarn yarn "mohair",
- Sewing threads.
So, let's start with the fact that it is necessary to knit a sufficiently large number of squares of three types of yarn. We take mohair yarn and knit 35 squares from it. We collect two loops on the hook and begin to knit a chain of 7 loops, then combine them into a ring and begin to knit in a circle, and at the end of knitting we give the details the shape of a square. Squares are obtained with sides of about 5 cm.

We take a simple white yarn and knit 28 white squares in the same way.

Similarly, you need to connect 28 red squares.

The result is a slide of colored squares.

We put the connected squares on a flat surface in the form of a future rug. A table can serve as a flat surface, but the floor is best suited, since the mat is quite large.

With the help of sewing thread, we begin to sew the squares to each other. At the same time, we start sewing from the center, that is, from simple white squares, then we sew parts from mohair yarn to them, then red squares. With the help of red yarn and a hook, we make a trim around the edge of the entire rug. If desired, mohair squares can be combed to give them significant fluffiness. The width of the mat is about 60 cm, and the length is 65 cm.

Yarn in itself is a very warm material. However, I would like to note the mohair yarn, which in its appearance is very fluffy and also very warm, which is very important for rugs.