Folding card "From March 8"

The most long-awaited and beautiful holiday of spring is, of course, on March 8th. What is at home, what is at work, what is at school, institute, hospital and so on, any woman comes on this day with a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers. It is pleasant to receive congratulations on this day from everyone equally, both from the male sex and from the female. Since pupils and students congratulate their teachers and teachers, patients of their doctors, children of their parents and grandmothers, husbands and boys of their girls and wives. In a word, any woman is happy on this day many times, since many congratulations are received. But, for example, with men it’s quite simple and clear, their gift is mainly a bouquet of flowers and sweets, in some cases jewelry and perfumes, but what about gifts for girlfriends. It’s definitely not flowers, but more often than not, it’s just even a postcard with sweet congratulations, from which the memory remains, and pleasant warm words. It is very interesting for any woman to get on March 8 not just a postcard, but also so that it is handmade. It is now very fashionable and exclusive. Such a postcard can be made for mom, and for the teacher, and for the girlfriend. Such cards can be made using the scrapbooking technique, since it is it that allows you to create exclusive handmade paper gifts.
And today we will do not just a postcard, but a folding form in a pink tone and to create it we need:
• Album sheet of bright pink cardboard;
• Scrapbook paper floral pink-blue;
• Paper for watercolors;
• A circle of pink color from cutting down;
• Several pictures with bears and bunnies, as well as with a bouquet of roses;
• Curb hole punch with lace;
• The polymer heart of roses is pale pink;
• Bright pink berries in sugar;
• Latex rosette;
• Pearly complex stamens;
• Rosettes made of polymer clay pink and peach;
• Satin ribbons of two colors and types;
• Butterfly cut down;
• Stamp "March 8", the ink is pink;
• Buttons are white small;
• Pearl half beads;
• glue gun;
• Scissors, pencil, PVA glue, ruler;
• Double-sided tape.

Since we have a folding postcard and folded size of 8.5 * 16.5 cm, we first cut off the rectangle 16.5 * 25.5 cm and divide the larger side into three equal parts, 8.5 cm each. On one side we make a cut, as in the photo.

We make lace sides on top and side. Now let's start scrapbook paper.

Cut the following sizes from scrapbook paper and watercolors. On some figures we glue openwork paper strips.

Now we glue ribbons, pictures and a circle on each rectangle.

On the oblique quadrangle we glue the stamped inscription "March 8", its edges are tinted.

From a white ribbon with hearts, measure two segments and glue them on the back of the base of the card, so that you can then tie a bow.

We sew the pictures on the scrapbook paper and now we glue all the figures onto the base, we sew in pairs all three sides of the card.

We fold the card and glue the heart on the front part, a bouquet on it, a rose and a bow at the top, and glue the half beads in a circle. Inside the postcard we glue the butterfly PVA.

Fold and tie a bow.

And here is our beautiful result. Thank you all!