Christmas goat

Christmas goat - a traditional holiday decoration in the countries of Scandinavia. It is often made from straw. I propose to make a toy-motanka Christmas goat from threads.
For work you will need:
-2 cocktail straws;
- insulating tape or tape;
- wool threads;

1. We make the skeleton of a goat.
Take a straw and cut along 1/3 of its part from one end and from the other. Cut 1/3 of the length from the second straw.

Bend the ends of the first straw that are cut along.

The result was a torso with legs. Now we attach a neck to the body. To do this, take a second straw. The part that is cut along it is the front legs, they need to be connected to the front legs on the first straw using electrical tape. Also wrap the rear legs with electrical tape to give them hardness.

Now attach the face of the toy. Make incisions in the neck.

Fasten the remaining half of the straw with electrical tape.

The goat's skeleton is ready!
2. Create a volumetric texture.
We need foil. Unwind pieces from it, about 15 cm long, and gradually wrap the goat in it, creating its voluminous body.

It seems complicated at first, but be very patient and you will succeed. In the end, you should get such a figure.

3. Wrap the doll with threads.
Start gradually wrapping the goat with thread.

Make sure that the threads fit tightly and do not leave gaps between them.

To cover the hooves and the tip of the muzzle with thread, apply a little glue to the skeleton, then carefully twist the thread in a spiral, gradually closing the foil.

Coat everything except horns. After winding, we get such a cute animal.

4. We make horns and a tail.
Cut 6 pieces of brown thread and 3 pieces of red, 15 cm long.

Combine every three pieces of thread into one to make the braid plump. Weave a pigtail.

Tie a pigtail to the parts of the straw sticking out on the head. This is the first horn.

Using the same principle, make a second horn and tail.
5. The final touches.
The resulting goat is already very good. You can leave it as it is, or you can take a rough brown thread and wrap it around the goat again. I find this option more interesting.