Fridge magnet

Good day. Spring has already arrived and very soon the first spring holiday on March 8 will come. On this day, it is customary to give gifts to mothers, girlfriends and work colleagues. Now is the crisis, so you can’t buy a lot of presents. I want to offer you to make small gifts to all my women friends, without spending a lot of money. We will do decorative fridge magnets.
To make this magnet we need:
- Magnetic tape (old magnet).
- Cardboard.
- Scissors.
- A pencil.
- Glue.
- The cloth.
- Twine or twine.
- Woolen threads.
- Decorative flowers, elements.
- Beads.
First we need to draw a tree template on cardboard and cut it out. Decorative magnet can be made of any shape. Here are three patterns to choose from. I chose the first option.

On the back side we glue a magnetic tape (or just a magnet). If you want to make a tree, then it is better to glue a magnet on the crown of the tree and on the pot. Then we take the fabric, circle the pot on it, cut out and glue the material.

We glue decorative elements on top of the fabric for beauty.

Take a twine or twine, wrap the trunk of a tree, fix the ends with glue.

Now we take the woolen threads of the desired color. I have them green. We cut the thread into pieces 1-1.5 cm long, fold it in half, grease the bend with glue and glue it on the crown of the tree. Or we glue the glue directly on the tree, it’s as convenient for anyone. So glue the entire top of the tree. See that you do not have spaces. Threads need to be glued tightly to each other, otherwise it will not be beautiful.

The magnet is almost ready. Glue flowers and beads on the crown.

Having shown your imagination, you can make various magnets from any material at hand, it would be free time and desire. This magnet is wrapped in a satin ribbon. Flowers made of corrugated paper. It is decorated with beads and sequins. The greenery is imitated from a packing net for bouquets.

And this tree is made of paper flowers and a vegetable grid that replaces greens. It is decorated with beads.

Having presented such small gifts to your loved ones, you will give a piece of your soul, because they are made with your hands. Happy holiday to you, dear needlewomen.