DIY wattle

How to beautifully design flower beds and flower groups in a private house or in the country? You can cover the perimeter with large stones or buy plastic fences, available in a large assortment. There is another interesting option - a wicker wooden fence. It can be easily done with your own hands, especially if there is woody vegetation near the house.
The course of action. First you need to prepare the necessary material. These will be columns and branches. Any tree species are suitable for the columns, the main requirement is the absence of knots and bends. You can choose hazel, maple, linden, ash. The height of the columns in our example is 60-70 cm, and the thickness is 3-4 cm. For flower growers you need a low fence, you can make a very low fence - 20-30 cm high. When choosing the height of the columns, it is necessary to take into account the penetration into the ground about 10 cm
Harvested columns should be sharpened on both sides, so it will be easier to install.

The support for the fence must be hammered. Even the youngest members of the family can handle this.

The distance between the columns is 30-50 cm.
The next stage is the harvesting of branches. Flexible material is required for wattle, it is best to choose willow, linden, but hazel is also suitable. The longer the branch, the better. In our example, shoots 1-1.5 cm thick and about 3 m long are used.

When everything is ready, the pegs are clogged and aligned in height, the weaving of the fence begins, in fact. To do this, the branches are laid horizontally between the columns, sequentially bending around them. The ends of the branches are best left on the inside of the fence.

The choice of the master remains the density of the fence, its height and even color.
Ready wattle looks original and natural. In addition, it has a long service life, does not fade in the sun and does not deteriorate from precipitation.