New Year's candlestick from a glass

Probably, in every house there are old unpaired or unnecessary glasses for wine, whiskey or cognac? New Year can give them a new life! And you will get a pleasant sense of economy and self-expression, as well as make an exclusive Christmas decoration of the interior.

For work you will need a glass, a decoupage card with New Year's motives, rice paper, decoupage glue, varnish and a special paste with glass balls that imitates snow. If you do not have professional decoupage materials, this is not a reason to give up! Conventional napkins, PVA glue, semolina and any varnish (preferably water-based) will come down quite well.
The main thing is a festive mood and an inner sense of beauty!

First, pick up 2 pictures that will decorate your work on both sides. It is best to attach the selected picture to the glass so as not to make a mistake in scale and to understand how the product will look in the final.
Do you use wipes? Prepare them for application by removing the 2 lower layers from white paper. Only a thin top layer with a pattern should remain.
Do you have a decoupage card? Just cut out your favorite motif.

Now prepare the glass. Wash it thoroughly and remove any existing labels.
On the places where the pictures will be located, it is necessary to stick rice paper so that the picture does not lie on transparent glass. If there is no rice paper, an ordinary white napkin or a base from a colored napkin will do.
Tear rice paper or napkin into pieces the size of a phalanx of the thumb. Stick them on the glass in the places intended for pictures, until a uniform background is formed. If you take a napkin, then make a few layers to make the background more dense. Be sure to blow dry each layer or wait for them to dry on their own.
When the base dries, take pictures. To make them fit better on the rounded surface of the glass, make incisions. Gently stick the pictures on the glass, smoothing them with a brush.
After the pictures are pasted, dry them and cover with varnish, preferably in 2 layers (you need to dry after each coating).
Look at the product and breathe in with satisfaction.

Apply decorative paste to the empty spots to get a general background and give integrity to the work. If there is no paste, spread them with PVA glue, and then sprinkle with semolina and sparkles. You can simply draw frosty patterns with white acrylic paint.
Then wrap the glass leg with string, dress it with lace and attach small bumps. Try to adhere to the general style.

New Year's candlestick is ready!
Smile, make a wish and light a candle!