Hairpin for little princess

Today we will be making a hairpin for our little princess.
And so, we will need the following materials: a needle, scissors, threads, ribbons, silicone glue, a crocodile hair clip, beads, a piece of tulle.

1. From a piece of tulle we make a bow and sew it (I used pink threads so that the seam line is better visible, you can use white or beige threads).

2. Now we sew another small piece of tulle to our formed bow.

3. We take a wide white ribbon and fold the trefoil flower out of it. Sew it to our tulle bow. During the assembly of the whole structure, you can use the same thread, simply attaching more and more new parts with it.

4. We make a bow of eight from a colored ribbon and again with a thread we attach it to the main structure.

5. From a beige ribbon we make a loop and sew it from the bottom. There we attach a few more large loops made of a wide white ribbon.

6. Now you need to form a core from beads and lace ribbon. Cut a small piece of lace ribbon and twist it into a tube, and then sew it into the middle of the product. There, with the help of a thread, we attach several beads.

7. Now it remains only to glue our structure to the hairpin and allow the glue to dry.
That's all. Your little fashionista can try on a new thing.