Aromatic mix of petals - natural indoor fragrance

Such mixtures are very popular abroad, they are used for flavoring and decorating living quarters. Aromatic mixtures, or as they are called potpourri, are sold in specialty gift shops. Petals and herbs can be packed in canvas bags or in transparent jars. The cooking technology is really very simple.
We will need:
Dry jar of the original form,
Petals of flowers (roses, calendula, daisies, etc.),
Herbs (mint, thyme, etc.)
Spices (cinnamon sticks, vanilla, cloves) - 1-2 pcs.,
Essential oils (lemon, ylang-ylang, orange) - 10 drops,
Dried citrus peels.
Tape and / or twine.
Collect herbs and flower buds in dry weather.

Divide the buds into petals and dry in a warm room.

To completely dry the petals and herbs, add spices, a few drops of essential oil and mix everything.

Both flowers and oils can be selected in such a combination that the original smell of the mixture relaxes or invigorates. So, the aroma of chamomile, roses, vanilla, calendula, lavender soothes. And the smell of mint, lemon, ginger, rosemary, on the contrary, energizes.
Fill the jar (in this case, the coffee jar was used) with a dry mixture, close the lid and let it stand for several days in a dark room. After a few days, the lid can be removed - the natural flavor is ready. We put the jar on a shelf or table and enjoy the delicate aroma of flowers and oils.

A jar of aromatic mixture can be used as a souvenir or gift. To do this, put the pine cone, paper flowers, spikelets of cereals or other floral decorations inside with the dry mixture, and tie the ribbon on the outside.
You can pack the mixture in bags, for example, from gauze. Ready-made bags can be laid out on boxes with linen or used during bathing.