New year champagne

Without a bottle of champagne, it is impossible to imagine a single New Year's table. But for our champagne to be truly festive, it must be beautifully decorated.
To do this, we will use: water-based paint, ribbons (or decorative cord), a bow, a napkin with a New Year's pattern, PVA glue, watercolor paints, silicone glue, scissors, a brush, a sponge and, of course, champagne itself.

1. We clear the bottle of champagne from the labels (this is easy to do if you place the bottle for 30-40 minutes in a container of water) and use a sponge to apply white water-based paint in several layers on the surface of the bottle.

2. Cut out the elements necessary for decoration from a napkin.

3. Using PVA glue diluted with water, glue the napkin elements to the bottle.

The napkin is very thin, so you need to do this as carefully as possible.
4. Mix a small amount of watercolors with white water-based paint until the desired shade is obtained, and with a sponge we tint the surface of the bottle.

5. When the surface of the bottle dries well, paint snow with white paint.

6. Decorate the neck of the bottle with a beautiful ribbon (cord) and bow.

We fix them to the surface with silicone glue.
7. Now our elegant bottle is ready to decorate the festive table.