Entrance Bonus - Ownerless Living Space

The described example once again demonstrates the flexibility of the mind and the quick wit of our average person. Especially when it comes to personal benefits.
In any city, there are multi-storey buildings with attached entrances to the entrance. This construction is on the one hand an entrance, and on the other a technical compartment with a garbage chute. And since this is almost an independent building, it has its own roof. And she is right under the windows of the kitchens of the apartments on the second floor, at the level of their floor.
Without thinking twice, people began expansion. First, just getting out of the kitchen window, they arranged a clothes dryer on the treasured roof, freeing the loggia from this duty.
Next, a canopy was carefully built. As a result, nobody's roof became a personal veranda, and the kitchen window was replaced by a full door.
The next step was full-scale construction. From the veranda they made a continuation of the kitchen. Rather, the kitchen remained in place, and a dining room was erected on the captured roof. Brick walls, insulation, insulation, plastic. The roof is also of high quality, whoever likes what. Fortunately, the attached entrance to the entrance is located within the boundaries of one apartment and the neighbors cannot encroach on the square.
By such a maneuver, 12-15 meters of net good is added to the total area of ​​the apartment. Everyone is happy except for the laundry. It returns to the loggia.
And yet, this bonus is not difficult to legitimize. From the technical side, the building is not damaged. Moreover, this does not happen in elite new buildings, where they observe the integrity of the architectural ensemble. Such miracles are the privilege of simpler areas where pigeons are also found. Therefore, the administration easily meets the townspeople, you can agree.
Our people are savvy. And I have not forgotten how to adapt everything that is ownerless for my needs. Eldorado can be anywhere, the main thing to see.