Salt night light

Once having visited the fabulous salt caves of Soledar, we brought home a relatively small piece of salt as a trophy. And knowing that the salt lamp is not only surprisingly beautiful and bewitching, but also a very useful light source, a unanimous decision was made to turn a piece of salt into a salt night lamp. To work, you will need a hand drill, a screwdriver, two bolts - a self-tapping screw, a wooden stand, Secunda super glue, a soldering iron, three oblong pieces of rubber, a piece of wire of the desired length, a standard nightlight for industrial production and literally just an hour of free time.

Having prepared everything you need, you first need to use a conventional hand drill at the base of a piece of salt to carefully drill a recess of the required diameter and depth for the microcircuit and screws.

Having disassembled a standard night lamp of an industrial design, carefully pull out the microcircuit with diodes. Holes were drilled in the stand for self-tapping screws, respectively, in a piece of salt, too, only for greater certainty and strength they filled it with glue.

We inserted the microcircuit, fixed it with self-tapping screws on the stand. Three thin pieces of rubber were glued to the bottom of the wooden stand to prevent the nightlight from sliding over the surface.

The body of the night light was used as an outlet.

By connecting it to the circuit inside a piece of salt with a suitable wire. It will be more interesting if you choose multi-colored diodes for the internal filling, especially they are effective in the dark.

The powerful thickness of a piece of salt allows you to look at this light source without the particularly tiring additional eye strain. The night lamp does not require special care, when cleaning it is enough to wipe the dust with a slightly damp cloth or napkin.