Fishtail Hairstyle

Owners of long and medium hair have a significant advantage: they can do many hairstyles on their hair. That's just not always there is time and necessary accessories for this. In this case, a fishtail hairstyle would be very suitable. It has a number of advantages: first of all, it takes only a few minutes, it does not require special skills and it can be done both in everyday and in the evening version.
To weave the fishtail braid, you need to take:
• Comb;
• Elastic band for hair;
• Mirror;
• Assistant (in case you cannot manage to weave yourself).

First you need to carefully comb the hair along the entire length and divide them into two parts.

After that, take a small strand from the far edge of the left side of the hair and transfer it to the right side.

Do the same on the opposite side: from the far edge of the right side of the hair, move a small strand to the left side. Thus, in the middle of the strand will be crossed and lay the beginning of the hairstyle. For further weaving, it is necessary to alternately move the strands according to the above principle.

This is what Fishtail looks like when it is half-braided.

Scythe "Fishtail" is ready! This is an everyday option. If you braid it on the side, then with such a hairstyle you can go to a party or a business dinner.

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