Wings for children's costume

If your little princess is crazy about outfits of fairies and butterflies, then you certainly can not do without wings. And it is not necessary to scour the shops in pursuit of this detail of a children's costume. You can easily do them yourself.
To create the wings, we need the following materials: wire, thread, needle, universal glue or superglue gel, scissors, elastic, adhesive tape and material for the wings (mesh, tulle, tulle, nylon - we use any of our choice).
1. From the wire we make the basis for the wings. It is better to make two wings from one piece of wire at once, then it will be much easier to connect the entire structure.

2. When the wings are formed, give them a shape by bending the wire in the places we need. To make both wings the same, we put the workpieces together, and only then we begin to bend the wire.

3. Connect the wings into a single whole. We fasten the two halves with tape and, for greater reliability of the final structure, apply glue to the place of bonding and wrap it with durable threads.

4. Proceed to the decoration of our wings. Apply glue to the wire frame of the wing and evenly distribute it over the entire surface. Then we take a piece of fabric and glue it to the wing, wrapping it on both sides (the wire frame should be inside the fabric). Stretch the fabric well so that it does not sag.

5. When the glue dries, cut off the excess fabric with scissors.

6. In this way, we decorate all four wings in turn.

7. Now you need to decorate the place of bonding of the wings. To do this, you can use pieces of tulle or the remnants of a mesh, ribbon or a ready-made flower.

8. It remains only to sew on the elastic bands on which our wings will hold, after having measured out the necessary length.

9. Now our wings are fully ready to please their little owner.