Felted wool snowman

Many felts can be made from felting wool by the method of felting. For example, for the New Year you can create a snowman.

We will make a snowman of a rather large size - 30 cm in height. Therefore, in order to save wool and so that the snowman is not too heavy, a synthetic winterizer should be placed inside the toy. We make a ball from sintepon and wrap it with threads so that it does not fall apart.

Then we put blue wool on it, first in one direction.

Then we apply blue wool, directing its fibers perpendicular to the first layer. We stick a little with a needle for felting.

We distribute a small amount of white wool on the surface of the blue ball to create the effect of “pearlescent”, the transition of one tone to another.

Now wet the workpiece under hot water and gently soap. First you need to rub it lightly, then rub it with effort. You need to rub until the wool does not fall off quite well. You can even sometimes keep balls under hot water - for better shrinkage of the coat. When the balls for the head, belly and pens are ready - put them to dry.

While the workpieces will dry, you need to make a nose - a carrot. To do this, we tear off a piece of orange or red wool, roll up the part with wet soaped hands, giving it the desired shape. Then we place the “nose” on the sponge and continue to felting using the filament needle, rolling the blank over the sponge with the needle and “sticking” it. The needle, thanks to various notches located on its surface, allows you to "mix up" woolen fibers. By changing the slope of the “injection”, the strength and its depth, it achieves giving the desired shape to the part.

Eyes and mouth are “painted” with wool using a needle for filting. To do this, you need to tear off a small piece of black wool, distribute the wool as necessary and attach it to the snowman’s head with a “sticking” needle. Filing can be unlimited time, but it is desirable to achieve a state where you will not see the holes from the needle.

Then you need to "filter" the nose to the head using a needle. "Filing" should be along the edge of the junction. Assembly of the main parts can be carried out by conventional stitching of parts.

So our snowman is ready!