Photo frame of Chinese chopsticks

New Year's Eve. The mood is festive and joyful. I want to celebrate the New Year in the circle of my close and dear friends and give them unusual gifts, and even made with my own hands. I want to tell how I realized a gift for my beloved friend in the form of a photo frame from Chinese sticks.
You'll need:
1. Chinese sticks - 8 pcs.
2. Gun with silicone - 1 pc.
3. Mesh wrapper for flowers
4. Beads - 5 pcs.
5. Dried flower decorations
6. Scissors
Manufacturing process:
1. Prepare the place and the necessary items.

2. We turn on the gun with silicone in the socket so that it warms up, after which it is possible to start working. Throughout the work we will use hot silicone with a gun. Be careful, because it heats up very much.
3. Take 4 sticks and lay out with a square so that the ends go out a little. Squeeze hot silicone from the gun into the joints and glue the sticks, hold for 15 seconds to glue.

4. We take a grid, cut out a square with the size of our resulting photo frame and glue to it.

5. Glue our photo to the net itself using hot silicone.

6. Now we spread the sticks, shifting the square to the center and also glue. And so do with all the other sticks.

7. We take dried decorations for bouquets of flowers. Divide into small "bouquets" and glue on both sides on the sides and above the photo.

8. Now take the mesh, cut 3 small strips. We will make bows from two strips and glue them at the base of our flowers. And one we will wrap the top stick over the photo. Take the beads and glue them in the middle of the bows and on the top right.

9. After sticking the silicone, there are strings that can be easily removed by tearing off when everything is already dry.
10. If you get the correct square, then your photo frame will stand. Can also be hung on carnations, thanks to the corners between the sticks.