Easter candle

Probably everyone came across Easter candle lights.

But if you look, this is a ready-made emergency lamp in case of a lack of electricity. Like kerosene lamps in army barracks. It can be operated both indoors (competitor - candle) and in the open air (main advantage). It takes a minimum of time and money.
Let's get started.
First, remove the candle from the lamp. We’ll just take it out of the new one, pour out of the previously used one, preheating the lamp bulb in the steam bath. Then, armed with soda and a metal grid for dishes, we scrape off the paint from the inner surface of the bulb.
From the wire we make a holder around the neck with ears.

We attach a handle to the ears, for which the lamp will be transported - I advise you to make it fireproof, the top cap heats up very well during operation.

We put the candle in a regular place, at the same time we put a box of matches nearby. The lantern is ready for duty. It remains to place it in a quickly accessible place.