Draw a rose

Roses are extraordinary flowers. Perhaps this flower is most often given, because it carries the smell of happiness and love. People have always believed that giving roses is a manifestation of love, a sincere desire for friendship, respect. Agree, the aroma of roses can not be compared with anything! So let's draw this amazing flower.
There are a huge number of ways, options for drawing these colors. The photos show one of these methods. It is not the most difficult, so even beginners can test themselves in this matter. You will not encounter anything difficult.
So, let's draw a beautiful rose. The photos feature step-by-step drawing to make your process easier. Stock up on inspiration, grab a great mood with you, turn on your favorite melody and prepare a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser - where without them.
The first stage is to draw the black and white rose itself, its contour. In the photographs everything is shown in detail.
The second stage is to make our rose more "voluminous", to color. If you followed strictly the instructions shown in the photographs, then the result is a beautiful rose in black and white. You can add something from yourself to the drawing - fantasy is welcome! You can admire the resulting rose, or you can continue to draw so that you get a real bouquet of amazingly beautiful and delicate flowers!

Good luck I have no doubt that you will succeed!