Candlestick Ideas

Those who like to craft beautiful things with their own hands can come in handy these ideas. The first option can be used even in artwork classes with children of almost any age. The second is more time consuming, but the result is worth it. Let's get started?
Clay and bead candlestick.
Blue clay,
A bowl or a small basin
Beads of the same color, but in different shades or beads,
Tea candle.
Knead the clay and fill it with a small amount of water for several hours. During this time, water will permeate all the pieces and grains of clay and the clay can be easily kneaded until smooth. Frankly speaking, the work is dirty.
If you do not plan to work with clay right now, then soaked clay should be wrapped in a damp cloth and put in a plastic bag. Clay will not dry for several days.
We slice a piece of clay the size of a large apple into a ball.

No cracks or obvious irregularities should remain on the surface of the ball. Press the tea candle into the ball like this.

It remains to decorate the candlestick with beads. I used the green color in different shades.

A fistful of beads left for one candlestick. Pour the beads evenly onto the oilcloth and begin to roll out the candlestick so that the beads are pressed into the clay. And so on all sides, until the candlestick becomes smooth.

After a few days, the clay will dry and the candlestick will be completely ready. You can put heating on the boiler and things will go faster.

Candlesticks from cans.
These are very spectacular candlesticks that will be appropriate not only for the New Year's Eve, but will also be able to decorate your garden in the summer.
We will need:
Jars with self-opening lids - 2 pcs.,
Tea lights - 2 pcs.,
Glue stick,
Spray paint - 1-2 colors,
Using a pencil we make a thematic, but simple drawing. By the new year, I drew a Christmas tree and a ball. Glue the picture with glue to the banks.

When the glue dries, we drill small holes along the outline of the drawing with a drill.

Remove the paper, wash the jars of glue and dry.

Spray paint in some neutral color. And, actually, that's it!

It remains to wait for the paint to dry and put candles inside the cans. Here is the result.