Applique "Christmas tree" from yarn

The New Year is approaching with an easy gait, for the meeting of which people of different generations and ages are preparing. When decorating, most use classic flashlights, rain, garlands. Those who like to do with their own hands, creating unique and original crafts, strive to realize the most sometimes outrageous ideas. We also suggest that you try your hand at creating a simple application that your children will be happy to help you do.
For the application we need literally a few items:
yarn (not too thin) of a green tone (after all, there is no other Christmas tree) - literally 4-4.5 meters;
a simple pencil;
glue "Moment" (universal) or PVA;
A5 format cardboard (half of the album sheet) of gray color (you can take yellow if you wish, white is the background on which the Christmas tree will be located);
shiny candy wrappers from sweets, sequins, foil, rhinestones or any shiny confetti;
nimble and hardworking hands.

Operating procedure:
1. We prepare 3 threads of yarn 130 - 150 centimeters long. We tie one end of all three threads into a modest knot. We put a knot under something hard to fix (for example, a table lamp), and weave a pigtail. At the end of the pigtails, we again make a knot.

2. We take a sheet of cardboard, draw a contour of the future Christmas tree with a simple pencil.

3. Apply a thin layer of glue along the contour and immediately glue the pigtail braided from yarn strictly in line. Herringbone is ready.
4. From candy wrappers cut circles with a diameter of no more than a centimeter. Grind foil, part of candy wrappers, sequins.
5. Decorate the Christmas tree in any form. There are two options for decorating the Christmas tree.

Such an application can be used as a decorating element of the New Year’s interior, or as a New Year’s gift to loved ones.