Beaded Bracelet

Today, many people spend hours (or even days) sitting on social networks. The social network "Vkontakte" is very popular in Russia. Do you know this name, is someone from your family sitting there? Then weave such an interesting bracelet and give it to your relatives - it will be a great hint, let them spend their free time to good use, and “Contact” will not go anywhere, it will now adorn your wrist!
The bracelet is woven using the manual weaving technique, although you can make a strip on the machine, if you have one. Beads will need two colors - blue and white.
If you have never dealt with manual weaving, then first study the weaving pattern. It is worth noting that there are several different ways to weave such canvases, learn all the ways and choose the most suitable way for yourself. Are you new to this business? Then immediately proceed to the manufacture of the canvas. The width of the strip is thirteen beads, first dial thirteen white beads, then adhere to the scheme, weaving out the letters. The length of the finished product is approximately sixteen centimeters (of course, this depends on the size of the beads). At the end, you need to sew on the clasp, I sewed blue ribbons - this is convenient, because the bracelet will fit on any wrist.
Weave the ends of the thread into the work, no knots need to be made - this is not necessary when weaving with manual weaving. Just pass the needle with the remaining thread through the previous rows of beads, often change direction and pull the thread - the fastening will turn out to be reliable.