Salad "Squid"

- squid fillet, gram 200;
- eggs 3 pieces;
- one onion (depending on size);
- 2-3 potatoes (depending on size);
- 1-2 pickled cucumbers;
- mayonnaise;
- salt to taste.
Step one: you need to boil the squid. To do this, wash the fillet under hot water and remove the upper transparent film. Then throw the squid fillet in salted water and cook for about 30-40 minutes. During this time, we cook eggs and potatoes.
Step two: cut the squid chilled into strips.

Step three: you need to cut onions in half rings and pour boiling water over it.

Fourth step: cut the eggs.

Step Five: Cut the boiled potatoes into strips.

Step Six: Cut the pickles into strips.
Seventh step: mix all the ingredients and grease with mayonnaise, salt to taste. You can also add black pepper.