Children's fantasy "Little animals from shells"

Is anyone able to resist the feeling of delight and surprise at the sight of such amazing gifts of nature, or rather the sea, like shells. Striking patterns, bends, shapes .... How not to marvel at such a miracle. So for children of any age, as well as for many adults, this natural creation is a kind of inspiration for creativity. We offer you a children's fantasy on the theme "Funny little animals from shells." The younger schoolchildren were provided with a set of different shells with a proposal to make any objects out of them. The result was quite interesting and funny products of children's imagination.
1. A set of shells.
2. A vase of flowers.
3. The snake.
4. The frog.
5. The bear is big.
6. The teddy bear is small.
7. Marine fantasy.
8. The sun.
9. A flower.
10. Flower.
11. The little man.
12. The tortoise.