Wellness children's town

After the construction of the private house, scraps of metal pipes, profile and boards remained. This material served for the installation of a health camp with sports equipment, a sandbox and a swing. According to the prepared sketch of the town, taking into account the available material, we get to work.
For the work you will need the following materials: a pipe with a diameter of 57 millimeters - 35 meters, an angle of 35/35 millimeters - 45 meters, a pipe with a diameter of 15 (20) millimeters - 10 meters, a roofing sheet of 7 square meters, polycarbonate 7.5 square meters (about 2 / 3 sheets), paint of 0.2 liters of several colors, 2 boards 50 mm thick, 0.2 wide and 1.5 meter long, 100 roofing screws, 50 rivets. Other materials can be used depending on what you have left from the construction.
We begin the marking and installation of pipe racks of the future "fungus", for which we will prepare the corresponding holes in the ground for pouring concrete. It is advisable to weld the heels on the pipes for stability. We deepen the pipes by half a meter, for such a construction it will no longer be necessary, the shells of the town will be in a bundle anyway. The ends of the pipes are poured with concrete, and the top of the structure is set according to the level. From the bottom of the sandbox and a little higher, the height of the sand box is about 0.3 meters, scald with a corner, we get a box-shaped. We cut the blanks from the profile sheet and insert sandboxes from the inside into the corners, fix the sheets through riveted holes to the corner with rivets.

Further, from the trade pipe or corner, the rafter system of the usual gable roof is welded, and the sheets of the metal roof tile (profile) are attached to the roof screws.

To protect against sunlight and strong winds, we use cellular polycarbonate, we fix the side walls to the racks of the "fungus" of the sandbox with self-tapping screws. Colored polycarbonate trim is well suited for cladding a pediment.

For convenience, the edges of the sandbox will need to be edged with a well-planed and covered with protective liquid board, it is better to fix it to the corner with bolts or screws.
To make a horizontal bar, ladder and swing, you need a three-quarter or half-inch pipe. We cut the workpieces and scald them in a circle to the pipe stands, we clean the seams and scale using the grinding wheel of an angle grinder, then we polish the metal structure with an emery cloth and prepare it for painting. It is better to paint a children's town in bright and multi-colored paints.

For boxing, a holder for a special pear is made, which we fasten with a carbine.
We fill the sandbox with light sand, we fasten the swing and the boxing bag.

The result is a beautiful, versatile town with sports equipment and a sandbox for children of all ages.