Decoration of glasses for the holiday

Table setting for the holiday is a troublesome and responsible matter, requiring not only time, but also imagination. Originally decorated wine glasses and glasses for cocktails will become a kind of highlight and a great addition to serving your holiday table.
To decorate wine glasses for light alcoholic cocktails you will need:
ordinary granulated sugar,
syrup from any jam (it is good if the syrup is darker or you can tint it with food colors),
lemon slice for decoration
and the glasses themselves.
To decorate glasses for milk or berry shakes you need:
a few pieces of milk chocolate,
granulated sugar
and fruits for decoration.

Wine glasses and glasses should be completely dry.
First, decorate the wine glasses. Turn the wineglass upside down and gently lower the edges into the syrup.

Syrup should not be too liquid. Then we put the glass on the leg and wait for the droplets of syrup to evenly flow down its walls.

When the syrup is slightly fixed on the walls of the wine glass, turn it over again and lower the edges into sugar.

Finish the decoration with a slice of lemon.

The way to decorate glasses is the same as for wine glasses. Only instead of syrup will we use chocolate melted to a liquid state.

In a microwave oven, 3 pieces of chocolate melt a little more than a minute.

Keep in mind that chocolate freezes quite quickly.

If you have not formed droplets of flowing chocolate on the walls of the glass, put the glass in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. Then decorate the edges of the glass with sugar

and slices of fruit.

You can use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate to decorate glasses, and ordinary food poppy or popped rice instead of sugar.
Such decoration of glasses will pleasantly surprise your guests. Children will be especially welcome.