Unusual portrait.

In order to make this funny craft, you need very little time and a bit of imagination. This homemade product will be interesting to do with children. Just pick up the paper, glue and start creating.
For work you will need:
• PVA glue for large parts.
• Glue stick for small parts.
• A set of colored paper. The more colors in a set, the better. If the set does not have a sheet that conveys skin color, you can take white and color it.
• White, very thick cardboard
• As a filler, thin paper, you can use toilet paper. It is flexible and perfect for this purpose.
• Scissors. The most ordinary.
• Ruler
• Pencil.
• Plain paper.

1. From the bundle, select beige paper and fold it. We will make a face out of a whole sheet of paper. Inside the filler, we form a convex oval. It will be the head. Glue the head to the cardboard.

2. In the same way we do a nose. We put it in the right place. If the portrait is funny, the nose may be lower or higher.
3. Choose pink paper from the bundle, cut a square 8.5X 8.5 cm in size. and fill it so that the lips smile a little.

4. Glue the lips in place. You can make lips thin and thick.

5. Cut out 4X 4cm square from plain paper. It will be the eyes. Inside, we also put very small pieces of filler so that the eyes are a little voluminous.

6. Cut out the iris from blue (green, brown) paper and a black pupil. We form the eyes and glue them in place.

7. Choose the color of the hair and beard, if the character has it. You can cut the paper with a fringe, wind it on a pencil and then the hair will curl, you can curl it with a ruler. You can twist strips of paper and the hair will look naturally disheveled. Put the hairs in place. If there is a mustache and beard, stick it.

8. Choose the color of the clothes and cut it out. You can simply applique, you can make a pocket, collar, buttons. Buttons can be glued and real. To do this, you will need rubber glue. A paper mobile phone is recommended in your pocket.