Postcard making

A handmade postcard as a gift for a holiday cannot be compared to the one you bought. She will convey all the warmth of relationships and feelings. This is especially true on the eve of Valentine's Day.
Materials for crafts:
• white paper for making a template;
• white whatman and pink cardboard;
• pink colored paper;
• buttons of white color and shades of pink;
• white satin ribbon and pink translucent;
• glue "moment" transparent;
• gel for drawing on glass - black;
• scissors;
• pencil;
How to do:
1. Fold A4 sheet of paper in half. This is the basis for a postcard.
2. Prepare patterns for decoration inside. To do this, draw a big heart on paper and 2 small ones, attached perpendicular to the big heart on both sides.

Cut and transfer to pink cardboard.

3. Bend the cut-out heart along the dashed lines and glue it along the inner seam of the card. When you open the card, the heart will be voluminous, and when closed, it will fold.

4. From the same cardboard, cut the blank of the place for wishes, glue it. In the place that remains white, write a wish.

5. Using a white ribbon, lay out the word LOVE and glue it onto the cardboard.

6. From pink colored paper, cut out a 14x12 heart, on which you will stick the buttons.
7. Put the buttons on the cooked heart, distribute so that there are no accumulations of the same color, stick each button with glue. The heart is ready.

8. Glue the finished heart on the front side of the card in the middle.
9. Fold the pink translucent ribbon with a 2x3 overlay and glue it on the horizontal edges of the postcard.

10. With black gel for drawing on glass (you can also use any other gel, you can use sparkles) write “Always” above the heart and “be mine” under the heart.

Postcard is ready. The heart inside her reveals all your sincere feelings.