Glue wallpaper on the ceiling

Tired of old wallpaper on the ceiling, want to revive a boring interior with something new? And maybe you were flooded with neighbors and replacing the wallpaper - a necessary measure to restore the former beauty of the top view? We offer not to splurge on expensive craftsmen, but, following our advice, master such work yourself. Not against? Then, let's get down to business.
First of all, we need to purchase wallpaper, glue, paper tape, brushes and stock up on a stepladder. Choose wallpaper so that it successfully harmonizes with the color scheme of furniture and walls. We recommend buying rolls with a width of 0.53 m, which are more convenient to glue than meter. Their length can be 10 m and 15 m, depending on the manufacturer and type. Initially, you should prepare the surface of the ceiling and make markings that are multiples of the width of the wallpaper. Next, using scissors, cut the rolls and paper tape for gluing the joints into strips of the desired length.

At the same time, we dilute the glue in a plastic container, thoroughly mixing it when added to warm water. After a couple of minutes, shake the cooked mass with a brush once more.

Ceiling wallpapers should be glued in pairs, one cannot cope here. Pour glue into two containers for convenience. Glue the paper tape over the marking and glue the entire surface of the ceiling necessary for the first strip with glue. Simultaneously with this stage, the second person smears the wallpaper with glue. Now, carefully, so as not to damage the structure, raise the strip of wallpaper to the ceiling.

At the same time, one master carefully straightens their surface, avoiding air bubbles, and the second supports the edge.
Wallpaper should be glued with an overlap of the curb, and then with a clerical knife cut the excess in length. So, we will give the ceiling a neat look.

Good luck in this business!