Transparent jar needle case

I once had a needle bed - very beautiful, with a transparent cone-shaped lid, but completely uncomfortable. Needles stuck out of the pillow in different directions, so it was impossible to close the needle bar with a lid. Needles constantly fell out and lost. Once I bought mustard in a round plastic jar. And the idea came to me to make a needle box out of this jar.
For the manufacture of such a needle bed, it was required:
• a transparent plastic jar with a lid,
• a small piece of foam,
• a piece of dense and plain fabric,
• glue suitable for bonding fabrics and plastics,
• needle with thread,
• scissors.

First you need to make a pillow for needles. I placed it in the lid of the can. For this, it is necessary to cut a circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the cap from the foam rubber.

Next, you need to fit a foam pad with a cloth. To do this, cut out a circle of fabric. The diameter of the fabric should be larger than the diameter of the lid, so that it is convenient to sheathe a foam rubber circle.

Then the finished foam rubber circle is sewn with a needle and thread. It turned out a small pillow for needles.

Almost the needle bar is ready. Next, you need to fix the foam pad cushioned with fabric inside the lid. To do this, use a suitable glue.

We place the needles in our needle bed, close it. The jar closes very easily.

To make our needle-box look more elegant, we decorate it with a pigtail of satin ribbons. We attach a pigtail of ribbons to the sides of the lid with glue.

A little work and time - and now, our needle bed is ready. Needles will never fall out of such a needle bed, they will not rest against the walls of the jar - which means that the needle bar will be easily closed. It is very convenient. It can be worn throughout the apartment and does not worry that the needles will be lost.