Valentine flavoring

Valentine's Day is a holiday of all people in love and sympathy, on this day they give gifts, sweets, flowers and valentines. A gift with your own hands was and will remain the most valuable and enjoyable, even if it is not an expensive surprise, but it is pleasant and touching.
We need cardboard or a plastic bottle, plasticine, two or three-layer napkins. Gold plated chain, foil, decorated thread, glue and scissors.

Cut napkins into long strips and form envelopes as in the photo, after which each envelope is smeared with glue and immersed in the heart.

From a cardboard or plastic bottle, cut out a pre-drawn heart, the size can be any.
Plasticine, pinching in small pieces, we attach to the cut out heart so that the plasticine does not stick to your hands, you can wet your hands in water.

It is necessary to press hard, but carefully the napkin should go into the plasticine, everything is done in a circle, after each completion add a decorated thread to the heart.

We need to glue the napkins tightly together so that there are no gaps, we took three-layer napkins, for the splendor of the heart, we do not need to immediately separate the napkins, let the heart dry and carefully open the layers of napkins with a plasticine scraper.

The thread is laid without glue, with confident pressure on the plasticine, as soon as the thread has made a circle, you do not need to cut it, the more threads there are on the heart, the more magnificent and brighter it will be.

Now we cut off the chain of the required length and fasten it with glue to the Valentine's card, the links at the ends of the chain must enter plasticine.

We cut the foil into strips and cover, abundantly glueing the back of the valentine with glue. Because of the glue and plasticine, Valentine doesn’t smell delicious, so let’s drop a drop of essential oil on it, you can do the same as soon as the oil disappears and use the heart as a flavor.