Newspaper Candy Box

Greetings to all masters and handicraftswomen! More recently, I did not even imagine that the most ordinary newspapers and magazines can turn out truly amazing things. A huge plus of this material is its availability and cheapness. Agree, because not everyone can afford to buy expensive "consumables". I bring to your attention a step-by-step master class on making candy boxes made from the most ordinary newspaper tubes.

So, from the materials we need newspapers or magazines - who has what. I twisted the tubes from the magazines, because from such paper hands are not so dirty.
Glue. You can use regular PVA glue or polymer glue, glue stick is also suitable.
Stationery knife - with its help we will cut strips.
A long knitting needle, it is advisable to choose a thicker one.
Paints. I used antique bronze acrylic paint. You can use paint in spray cans, but I want to warn in advance against its use at home. Of course, the color of the product turns out to be excellent, but, people, the apartment will terribly stink of acetone! It is best to carry out this procedure on the street, if weather conditions permit. Moreover, the paint dries quickly enough.
Decorative elements for decorating candy boxes. In my case, ordinary sewn rhinestones were used, which I glued with polymer glue at the end of the work.
The manufacturing process looks like this:
With the preparations done, now is the time to start creating newspaper tubes.
The length of the paper can be any - it will depend on what you twist the tubes from. The longer the strip, the longer the tube will be. Stripes in width I did 5cm. I want to say right away that you need to wind a lot of tubes. So you should be patient, I turned when I watched films - both business and benefit at the same time. It is desirable to twist the tubes at an angle (approximately 30-35 degrees), then they turn out to be plastic and durable.

When you make a sufficient number of tubes, it will be possible to proceed to the most interesting - to create your own masterpiece. Yes, it’s a masterpiece, for you will not find a second such vase anywhere!
1. First you need to make the bottom of the candy box. As a blank I used a small flower pot. For work, I needed flat tubes, so I rolled them out with an ordinary rolling pin. Wrapping the form with tubes, we well coat them with glue. I give time to dry.

2. Next, I fill out the form. I wind the tubes on a regular ballpoint pen, I also periodically coat them with glue. There are a lot of options for filling the middle. It all depends on your imagination and the size of the form.

3. I put the blank in the center, on four sides I attach round blanks. I give the glue the opportunity to dry, so that later, when the workpieces are fixed, they remain in their places. If there are voids in your version of the vase, they can be filled by wrapping circles or ovals, they must also be glued.

4. Now the entire workpiece must be wrapped in tubes, each layer well lubricated with glue. The voids in the form must be filled. It is necessary to paste over the form in several layers, so that in the future the next part could fix on it. In my case, its width was 1cm. Everything should dry well.

5. Now that I have the ready-made base of the vase for sweets, you can begin to form its walls. The easiest option would be to wind round billets of different sizes. I remind you, I twisted them on a ballpoint pen, smeared every turn with glue. If in the future you will decorate the vase with rhinestones, it is better to wind on a thin base so that the hole is small, because then there will be nowhere to smear glue or it will be necessary to choose more decorative elements.

6. When the walls of the vase dry well, you can think about what kind of legs it will have. Again, from the same round billets of different sizes, we form the legs, in the form of a pyramid.

7. When the vase dries well, you can proceed to the final stage - painting and decorating. As mentioned earlier, I used antique bronze color acrylic paint. I used rhinestones as a decor, which I “planted” on glue.

That's basically it. A candy vase from newspaper tubes is ready. I wish you creative inspiration and imagination!