Homemade barbecue

Shish kebabs are not like unless vegetarians. And then, they have long come up with barbecue from vegetables. And what to do if you want kebabs, and time does not allow you to have a picnic? Wait? No! You can cook homemade barbecue. How? Very simple!

It is only necessary to properly marinate the meat. Choose the type of meat that suits your taste. The most common types are pork, lamb or veal. This recipe is intended for pork marinade. So, to cook homemade barbecue you will need:

- pork, at the rate of 500g per person;
- onions, preferably the sharpest - 4-5 pcs.;
- salt;
- spices special for barbecue. If not available, mix: Provencal herbs, rosemary, chili pepper, coriander;
- soy sauce - 50g;
- lemon juice - 100-150g;
- dry wine, at the rate of 250 g per 1 kg of meat.
Cut the meat into distinctive pieces.

Season with spices. Good spices give an unforgettable aroma.
Sprinkle seasoned pork with soy sauce, later with lemon juice.

Now it's time to mix.
While the meat absorbs seasonings a little, cut the onion into rings. Add it to the meat.

Knead a little onion to let your juice flow, only carefully, without breaking the ring, it will look more aesthetically pleasing. Pour all the wine and leave to marinate. Of course, it is better if this happens for at least 12 hours, but at the worst, three hours is enough.

If you have the opportunity to fry kebabs in the fresh air - excellent. If not, cook at home. This can be done by different techniques: fry in a pan, cook in aero grill. It turns out very tasty if baked in the sleeve. Prepare a sleeve of the required length. Pinch the sleeve on one side, place the prepared meat there.

Pinch the other side of the sleeve and send to languish in the oven. Until ready, you will need to wait at least an hour.
Carefully pull out of the oven. Fluid may remain in the sleeve.

You can serve. Homemade kebabs look great. True, there is not enough smell of smoke, but softness and taste make up for this lack.