Openwork bracelet

It is known that at the first acquaintance a person is judged by his appearance, clothing and how skillful and inimitable his style is. What a guy, what a girl should show their best side. Moreover, girls can be modestly dressed, but very sophisticated. Each detail of the women's toilet should emphasize the previous one, but if some detail is missed, then all your efforts will go down the drain, and the example of bad taste will be remembered for a long time. Let your outfit be short and slightly even strict, but it must include something unusual - a kind of highlight. Such a highlight can be an elegant, but at the same time not very eye-catching, handmade bracelet.
For our bracelet we will need such materials: a piece of an old white belt (the base of the bracelet), black beads, glue silver squares, scissors, an awl, glue and a thread with a bead needle. Colors you can change and pick your own.

First of all, we take our old white belt and wrap it around the arm two or three times (it depends on which bracelet you want from two or three layers), we cut off the unnecessary part. Then we make several holes with an awl, so that subsequently, the bracelet could be worn calmly like a watch, but not afraid that the clasp might break. At a distance of 3-4 centimeters with glue squares, you can directly, or you can deploy in the shape of a rhombus, as shown in the photographs below.

Now do the first stitch. We collect 12 black beads on a needle with a thread, and stretch along the diagonal and fix on the reverse side, as shown in the following photo. Nota Bene! Remember that when you need to change the thread, you should not wind a huge coil, it is enough that length that will wrap part of your hand to the elbow, otherwise it will become tangled and torn.

The scheme of this stitch is very simple, because you just need to make zigzag stitches throughout the bracelet.

When we are done with the first zigzag, we proceed to the reverse zigzag. We do this procedure so that you get diamonds around the glue stones.

Congratulations, your bracelet is ready! All that is left for you is to dress him up and proudly wear it with your hands. Moreover, such a bracelet is not a shame to present to friends as a souvenir.

If you take the same colors as in this master class, then keep in mind that the bracelet will fit both a white watch and a black one. The bracelet will give both harmony and a little modest elegance to your look as a whole.