How to fry capelin

Many young housewives are prejudiced by this small fish precisely because they do not know how to cook it. And, meanwhile, properly prepared capelin is very tasty. If you want to prepare a dish with a minimum of carcinogens that is more healthy for your health from capelin, stew it with onions in your own juice or with a small amount of water or cream.
Today, a recipe for lovers of fried capelin is offered - and this overeat is comparable, perhaps, only with fried smelt.
It’s not at all difficult to fry capelin, and fuss with it much less than with any other fish. Often only a specific fishy odor propagates at the same time. To reduce it, you can use several tricks, which we will describe in the recipe.
To prepare fried capelin, we need:
fresh-frozen capelin - 0.5 kg,
onions - 1 head,
breading flour,
frying oil
lemon juice,
spices for fish.
Cooking progress.
Defrost fish in air. Rinse well under cold water. Allow water to drain.
Place in a deep bowl, add salt, squeeze juice from half a lemon, sprinkle with fish spices or ground black pepper if you do not like other spices or they are not available at the moment. Let the fish marinate for 15-30 minutes.
Then brew the capelin in flour.

Heat vegetable oil in a cauldron (it is better to take a deep frying pan or a cauldron so that there is less spray).
Throw the chopped half of the onion to the bottom. In portions, dip the fish in the heated oil and fry on both sides until golden brown.

The fish can be placed in tight rows, then it will still be divided.

Take out the fried capelin and place it on a dish covered with a paper towel so that excess fat is absorbed.

While the capelin is fried, you can cook the side dish of fried potatoes and horseradish sauce.

Cut the washed potatoes into strips and fry with onions in a cauldron after the last portion of fish.
For the sauce, take sour cream and horseradish ready, mix to taste, you can add soy sauce.

Serve immediately on a hot fried capelin fried with potatoes. Serve the sauce separately.