Watches for children

To make a watch you will need: an eraser, a ruler, double-sided tape, brushes, watercolor paints, an old watch, a battery, a screwdriver, a piece of paper, a burning device, a pencil, a container of water and a blank for plywood. The workpiece can also be cut independently by making a hole in its center with a drill.

1. First you need to decide what exactly you will depict on the watch. It can be either your favorite fairy-tale or cartoon character of your baby, or just a cute animal. I chose a little hedgehog who gets to know the wonderful world around him. Sketch a future picture with a pencil. If you do not know how to draw at all, then simply use a carbon copy to translate the drawing from the children's book.

2. Now, using a screwdriver, disassemble the old clock, pulling out the hands, and then the clockwork itself.

3. Draw a dial on the workpiece. Try to make the numbers large enough. Make the drawing more accurate and clear.

4. Turn on the burner. Wait for the tip to heat up sufficiently. Burn the picture outlining the pattern. Burn the numbers, completely filling them. In this case, it is best to set the power of the burner to the maximum, this will save you time.

5. Now you need to colorize the picture. To do this, you need a watercolor, brushes (you can use synthetics, a squirrel or columns) and a piece of paper as a palette. When painting, do not be afraid to mix colors, getting smooth transitions. This will give the work picturesque.

6. When the paint dries, varnish the work. I recommend using acrylic, as it is odorless and dries quickly enough. It is convenient to apply it with a synthetic brush. In this case, care must be taken. During operation, do not put much pressure on the brush, otherwise you risk smearing the paint layer.

7. After waiting for the varnish to dry completely, you can start assembling the clock. Using double-sided tape, fasten the mechanism to the back. Then insert the battery. Turn the clock over and attach the hands: hour, minute and, finally, second. Set the time.

8. After making sure the clock is running, hang it on the wall using double-sided tape. A watch made with your hands will surely remind your child not only about time, but also about your love!