Gel candle

If you have long dreamed of making a gel candle yourself and be known as a jack of all trades, then reading this article, you can easily master such a simple matter! So, what is necessary to have at hand, and without which you can easily do?
You will need a candle gel, wick, scissors, a metal or plastic spoon, a ballpoint pen, an electric or gas oven.

You will also need a shallow container for melting the gel and a deep one for water.

In addition, do not forget to pick up a container, for example, a smooth-walled glass that will serve as a candle for you, as well as decorative elements for filling the gel.

There are not so many companies producing candle gel. Today we will use the transparent gel of the German brand Artidee Crystal Kerzen-Gel (Candle gel). You can work with any other, most importantly, clearly follow the instructions. The first thing to do is set the temperature on the electric stove - a maximum of 70 degrees. If you have a gas stove, make the spark below average. Fill a large container with water and heat without boiling (you will have to maintain this state of water until you completely melt the gel mass).

Take a shallow container, fill it with a small amount of gel - 2 tablespoons is enough - and make a water bath. I melted the gel right in the factory jar, since there was not much left.

Slowly and constantly stir the gel with a spoon, without shaking it (this will achieve a huge amount of air bubbles!). The mass should become rare enough, but not boil - be careful!

If you overheat the gel, it will turn dull gray from transparent. Next, tie the wick to the rod and lower it into the glass. Take a long wick in advance, with a margin.

If you were planning to decorate your candle with cute baubles, then now is the time to do it. Put the items on the bottom of the glass. It is best away from the walls and not very close to the wick, but this is provided that the diameter of the glass is wide enough!

When the gel is sufficiently melted, immediately, but do not quickly pour it into a glass so that a large number of bubbles do not form.

Try not to move the wick. Best of all, let the gel cool at room temperature - it will take no more than an hour.