Clown from disposable diapers

Many have difficulty choosing a gift for a small child. Recently, presentations made with one's own hands have become very popular, they are also said about such that they keep the warmth of our hands. This trend also affected gifts for children. Gift items made from disposable diapers are gaining more and more popularity.
On sale you can find a wide variety of compositions from this unconventional material. Various cakes, motorcycles, trains, snowmen, strollers, cradles and much more can be made from diapers.
I propose to consider the technology of manufacturing a clown from disposable diapers. To create such a gift you will need a large or medium pack of diapers, depending on the desired dimensions of the product that you want to see at the exit, a festive cap, colored paper, ribbons, bead needles, safety pins, a shampoo cap to create a nose, cardboard.
1. Twist the diaper in length in the form of rolls. For the first and second layer you will need 12-15 diapers. For the head of a clown, three diapers rolled into rolls will suffice.

2. Collect the circles from the rolls and wrap them in colored paper (or a baby diaper), previously folded in the form of a scarf. Secure the paper using safety pins.

3. Make one circle on the other. The smallest part will be the head of the clown.

4. We turn to decorating crafts. From two cardboard circles and needles with beads we make eyes. In the cap from the shampoo, we make holes and stretch an elastic band in them, put the clown’s head through the elastic band and fix the nose. We put a cap on the snowman’s head. We decorate each circle with bright ribbons.

5. We make hands. To do this, take a sheet of cardboard folded in half, draw an image of the hands of a clown and cut out along the contour - the hands are ready. Figure number 6. It remains only to fix them on the body of the clown, inserting between the layers of diapers and ribbons.
Our gift is ready, it remains only to pick up the festive packaging and you can go on a visit.