Picture "Money tree"

Can I make a nice souvenir with my own hands, the cost of which will not exceed only 18 rubles? Yes, if you want to make a picture "Money Tree". The craft is not complicated and symbolic, from the category of gifts for those who have everything.

We will need the following materials:
Thick cardboard sheet,
Cork sheet
Matte brown cardboard
Painting or clerical knife
Universal adhesive
Brush / cotton swab,
Felt-tip pen
Coins of 1, 5, 10 and 50 kopecks.
A sheet of thick cardboard and cork substrate are cut in the shape of a rectangle so that the edges of the cardboard protrude slightly.

I got the format a little smaller than A4. Lubricate the substrate with universal glue and apply it to cardboard. We remove everything under the press until the glue dries. It will take several hours.
Using a ruler and felt-tip pen, draw a horizon line on the cork.

Now you can draw and glue the tree trunk. To work with universal glue it is convenient to use an old brush or cotton swab. After gluing, they are simply thrown away.

As a first layer, coins of 50 cents are excellent. It is advisable to use shiny coins. But you can also rub with a cleaning powder or soda those that no longer shine.

We glue the coins with universal glue to the cork in the shape of a tree crown.
The next layer is coins of 5 kopecks. They are already not easy to find, all the wallets and piggy banks will need to be pulled out.

Layer number 3 - ten-copecks coins. And the last layer - a real rarity - coins in one penny, if you can find them.

A layer of "earth" is best made from coins of 10 and 5 cents. If you use rubles and coins of 50 cents, the cost of a souvenir immediately rises. But even when using large coins, the craft will cost no more than 20 rubles.

Dry the picture horizontally, otherwise the coins may slip. Once the glue has dried, you can make a wire loop and hang it on the wall. The picture is heavy, so the loop should be strong.
The souvenir is ready. You can decorate a house and attract money fortune.

If you use such a picture as a gift, it will be appropriate to stick an envelope to the back side and put a bill into it. This time, of course, paper. This way of giving money seems to me the best.