One of the most popular trends in the world of needlework recently, of course, is felting (or felting from wool). And there is nothing supernatural because things made of wool not only look beautiful, but also cozy. Meanwhile, not many people know that this type of needlework is more than 8000 years old.
Today we will try to make the Apple brooch using the dry felting method. For this we need:
1. Wool - combed ribbon (two shades of green, brown, white);
2. Needles for felting No. 3-4 (you need both a thick needle for the first stage of felting, and a thin one for the final finish);
3. Clasp for brooches;
4. Sponge or dense brush;
5. A little patience and a lot of time.

Now you can start felting. First of all, we need to make the apple itself. To do this, we tear off the middle strand of wool of light green color, twist it into a kind of circle (it is not necessary to achieve a perfectly even shape, in the process of felting the hair will settle and the product will become the way you want to see it). We take a thick (or medium) needle and begin to dump the wool with quick movements of the hand. It is important to ensure that the needle is always at right angles (otherwise, a brittle needle can break very easily).

Gradually, the wool begins to fall off, and the product takes on a more dense shape.

As our future apple becomes denser, it can be given a more interesting shape (agree that a completely round apple does not look very interesting). To do this, in the places we need, using a thin needle, you need to felter the wool a little harder (so that there would be depressions). Another hour or two and the basis for the apple is ready!

However, while this incomprehensible oval is not very similar to an apple, we therefore begin to supplement the product with various elements. So, for example, I decided to make white seeds for my apple, for this we pluck off a little bit of white wool and, with the usual movements, we roll it to the green base.

But even with seeds, the apple looks inferior, you must admit, something is missing. Therefore, we take dark green wool and begin to roll the leaf so that the leaf does not seem too boring; you can add light green streaks to it. At the end of the leaf, leave a little pile, this is necessary in order to then lay the leaf on the apple.

After our apple has seeds and a leaf, he needs to make a stalk and tail.

So we got an apple, at the final stage we sew a clasp to the apple - the brooch is ready!

Wear it with pleasure!