Gift wrapping

A simple solution for gift wrapping is a fabric bag made in the patchwork style. It is useful in cases where you want to give several small gifts or something made by yourself, and you can just pour candy, nuts and put it under the tree for the new year.
Use bright cotton flaps for sewing (cotton is easier to work with). Such a coloring will set you up for a festive mood. You can sew a bag in different ways - it all depends on the material that you have. If the shreds are small - you can collect part of the product from squares, triangles. First you need to determine the size of the product that you want to receive. Based on this, select the right number of flaps. Use contrasting combinations: red, white green (traditional New Year's), yellow and blue or purple.
You can sew both on a typewriter and manually, the main thing is to carefully close up the seam sections. A lining can also serve for this purpose, if you do not want to design your bag double, as in this case. Color rags are taken for our product.

We sew them on the machine, retreating from the edge by 5-7 mm.

We twist and iron. On the lower plain half, you can embroider words (for a New Year's gift - a name), figures, silhouettes of animals and birds, simply by laying a machine or manual line.

Make a preliminary sketch with a sharp bar of soap. Next, fold the bag face up and sew the side seam on the machine. Trim the cut with scissors, turn the work inside out. Now you can make the main seam, starting from the bottom, then go to the side. Then stitch the top. Carefully close the ends of the seams (tie knots if your machine does not have a reverse stroke). To tie, cut a strip of fabric 3-4 cm wide.

Sew along and twist, iron. At the ends, you can tie knots. Everything is ready.

If you have a twisted silk lace of sufficient length - you can make a more interesting tie. To do this, take two pieces of cord, the length of which is equal to the perimeter of the bag plus 10-15 cm. In the stitching sewn at the top of the product, cut two small holes from the sides. Thread the cords so that they come out with the ends opposite each other, tie the ends into a knot or leave them to hang down freely, tying each knot so that they do not open. Such a tie is convenient for multiple easy access to the contents of your bag.