Reed blinds

Spring is coming. Sometimes a window that is too sunny makes us uncomfortable - bright light hurts our eyes or overheats the workplace too much. It is not always convenient to use curtains. Our blinds will save space, fit into the window opening and save you from excessive sunlight.
The material for this blinds will be reed.

In early summer, along the shores of the lakes you can find already cleaned, fin - it is darker in color, as after uneven treatment with stain. And if you pick up a growing one, then you need to clean it from the outer shells. Twist slightly around the joints - the outer tubes can be easily removed.
Then measure the required length (the width of your window) and cut a sufficient number of stems using a garden pruner. To assemble the blinds, we need a wooden rectangular frame, which can be made of any suitable material. In this case, the old picket served for this purpose. We drive three nails into the upper and lower strips, previously marking the distance with a ruler so that they fall exactly opposite each other.
We pull three cords of jute twine (not too tight and, leaving tails of about 20 cm, they will come in handy later). This is the basis.

Next, we begin the assembly of the blinds, sequentially tying all the stems to the base. This will require a thinner cord and your patience. Thin ribbons can also be used as a cord, which you can get by cutting an old unwanted shirt.

You can decorate blinds using multi-colored ribbons. This activity is pleasant for fans of monotonous work, although the business is moving much faster than it seems at first.

You can hang our product on the window with the help of a wooden cornice, which is installed completely (or take a bunch of cane and tie it tighter in several places). Blinds turn out quite easy, so choose not very massive material for it. Tie the ends of the main cord to the cornice and enjoy the pleasant twilight.

When it is no longer needed on the window, it can serve as a decorative panel. Tie a bunch of dried flowers to it, place light drawings or a calendar.
If you want to decorate a box for storing things with such a mat - measure the perimeter and height - and for the job. Just do not forget to close the ends (a chintz or satin of a suitable color can serve for this - just stick a strip of fabric in such a way as to hide them).