Creating a family hearth (candles)

Friends planned to paint, and I wanted to present them with something original and made by myself. And then my friend and I decided to give them a candle on a candlestick and decorate it. The gift turned out to be very useful, it now stands with them as a symbol of the family hearth.

You'll need:
1. Wooden hearts - 2 pcs.;
2. The candle;
3. Spray paint gold;
4. Aerosol enamel reinforced with acrylate;
5. The gun with silicone;
6. Decorative artificial flowers;
7. Decorative artificial roses.

Manufacturing process:
1. Take two wooden hearts. Their size depends on the size of the candle that you will mount on them. We had hearts about 10 cm wide (in its wide part). Paint hearts on both sides with gold-colored spray paint. Before painting, shake the can thoroughly for 3 minutes, and then proceed with application. The application distance should be 25 cm. It is best to do this in fresh air or in a well-ventilated area. The paint dries in about 3-5 minutes.

2. After drying, apply aerosol enamel on painted wooden hearts. Shake the can well for 3 minutes before applying, then spray from a distance of 25 cm. Spray well in circular motions, several approaches. Leave to dry for a few minutes.

3. Connect the gun to the mains, insert a silicone stick and let it heat for 15 minutes. After that, apply hot silicone to one heart and hold the two hearts together. Hold them for 15 seconds - this is enough for high-quality fastening. We fasten the hearts so that one is slightly lower than the other.

4. Next, using hot silicone, attach the candle to the upper heart, in the middle - apply, install, hold. Handle hot silicone carefully so as not to burn your fingers.

5. Now it’s the turn of the decor. Here you can show your imagination and arrange flowers as you like. We did it in the same way as in the photo. In order, decorative flowers were glued using hot silicone.

6. Then, at the behest of the imagination, also glue the decorative roses using hot silicone.

7. When all the decor is in place and you are satisfied with your work, the final stage remains. Lightly spray aerosol gold over the entire composition. When the candles are lit, the roses will shine. And fix it all with aerosol enamel. But before giving a gift, let the whole composition hold together well to ventilate.