Easter basket

Easter is coming soon, so today we will make a basket for Easter treats.
In order to make an Easter basket with our own hands, we need the following materials and tools:
- stand under a flower pot;
- wooden skewers;
- foam circle;
- thick threads;
- PVA glue;
- universal glue;
- scissors;
- thick wire;
- decor items: sisal and ribbons

Well, let's get to work.
1. Cut out a circle from the foam corresponding to the diameter of our stand under the flower pot. If you will make a large basket or other shape, you can use cardboard circles (several pieces glued together) instead of a stand for the pot.
2. At the bottom of the stand under the flower pot, apply universal glue and glue the foam circle. Let the glue dry well.

3. We take wooden skewers and stick them into the foam circle at the same distance. For strength, a little universal glue can be applied at the joints between the skewers and the foam.

4. Take the end of the thread and tie it to one of the skewers. We begin to form our basket. We wrap the threads around the skewers, alternately skipping them from the front, then from the wrong side. Having made one row, we change the variability of the binding of the thread. To do this, you can make a coil around one of the skewers, and braid the next one after it on the other side.

5. When the upper part of the basket is ready, tie a thread around the skewer and additionally fix it with glue. Now you need to decorate the bottom of the basket. We apply universal glue to the stand and polystyrene in a uniform continuous layer and begin to wrap with threads. We cover the entire surface of the basket with PVA glue and leave to dry.

6. Cut off 6 identical threads of sufficient length and weave a pigtail out of them. With it we will decorate the upper part of the basket.

7. Now you need to make a handle for our basket. We take a thick wire and wrap it with threads, periodically fixing them with glue. Fasten the finished handle to the basket. You can either sew it on or just stick it on. The main thing is to make sure that she is holding well enough.

8. It remains only to decorate our holiday basket. I will use sisal and a white wide ribbon for this. You can decorate the basket with a beautiful fabric, on which Easter treats will be laid out, decorative flowers, ribbons, etc. In general, everything that you like. We complement the composition with Easter attributes. I have this Easter bunny and chocolate eggs for little sweet tooth.

9. Now our Easter basket is fully ready for the holiday.