Knitted jewelry: set of knitted beads

Knitted jewelry will never go out of style. The needlewomen always loved to decorate themselves with hand-made products, so such jewelry was always appreciated and looked especially beautiful. To knit knitted jewelry for yourself is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To do this, you need basic crochet skills and the necessary materials.
To connect an interesting set of knitted beads of three colors in combination with noble wooden beads, which includes a bracelet, beads and earrings, you will need:
- threads of three favorite colors;
- medium sized wooden beads;
- hook number 2;
- a denser and stronger thread for the warp;
- locks, rings, pins, earrings;
- scissors.

First of all, you need to impose a lot of beads. On a chain of beads they will be arranged randomly, as you like, so you will need to determine the number of beads of each color yourself. All beads are knitted in one technique - amigurumi.
It all starts with an amigurumi loop:

The first row of our beads will be connected on it. It will consist of 5 single crochet. Then you need to pull the “tail” of the loop and pull all the loops into a neat circle. The first row is ready.

The second row fits into each column of the first row. As a result, you should get a series of 10 columns. In the third row, you need to add the loop through one, so that 15 single crochets come out. Next, we knit three rows without adding. It should make a little bag.

At this stage, the bag should be thoroughly stuffed with padding polyester so that it takes a round shape and is dense, but soft enough. Such beads are much easier to obtain than those with a wooden base and you can wash them without fear that the tree inside the knitted frame will expand from the water.

When the bead is formed, it remains to close our bag. To do this, go in descending order. Each next row now needs to be reduced by 5 loops. This is done in the same way as the increase, through a certain number of loops in each row. As a result, the hole should completely tighten. Thread the thread into the bead itself.

When you think that there will be enough blanks, you can start assembling. I used 7 purple beads, 9 blue, 7 gray and 6 tri-color beads for the whole kit.

Assembly must begin by securing the lead thread with a lock. This is done very simply. You just need to wrap the little ring from the lock several times and make several knots at the end.

Next, we thread the first bead and at the end we make a bundle so that it does not move. Thus, all beads are threaded and to the taste they alternate with wooden ones. The bracelet is made exactly the same.

As a result, you need to collect the earrings and that's it, our original set is ready.