DIY Easter basket

1. For work we will need: a small ball, a plastic bag, PVA glue, glue moment, twine, scissors.

2. We wrap the ball in a bag, tie it so that it does not slip out during work.

3. On the ball, using glue for a moment, glue the twine in a circle (as shown in the photo).

4. Wrap the twine just above the middle of the ball.

5. Thoroughly lubricate the wound twine with PVA glue so that our product in the future holds well and is elastic. Let it dry for several hours.

6. Gently pull out the ball.

7. Tear off the bag from the resulting half ball

8. From twine weave a handle using the macrame technique, or you can just braid a pigtail.

9. Once again, we lubricate the basket with PVA glue, for greater strength. Let it dry for a few more hours.