Fancy Knitted Earrings

Knitted jewelry is very popular today. Beads, earrings, brooches, bracelets of various colors, shapes and sizes. Today I will teach you how to knit round spherical earrings of three threads of different colors. We will knit a little not usually. The colors will, as it were, crash into the bead, and settle on it with chaotic spots of different sizes.
For two earrings with a diameter of about 4 cm you will need:

- Three skeins of thread of the same thickness, but of a different color;
- two pins;
- two shvenzy;
- two rings;
- scissors;
- hook;
- nippers;
- strong thin thread of suitable shade for warp, if there is no pin of suitable length.
A round bead should always start with an amigurumi loop if you do not want to get a hole on one side. It becomes simpler than simple: first we fold the thread into a loop so that the main thread and its end look in different directions.

Next, you need to tie the resulting loop with five columns without a crochet. However, since our bead will consist of three flowers, which will be randomly “scattered” around it, we will tie it a little unusual. First, we make two single crochet and we do not finish the third.

We finish the third column with a thread of a different color and we also make two more single crochet.

Now tighten our loop amigirumi and connect the last column with the first. Next, we again make an unfinished single crochet and bring it to the end with a green thread. We make one and a half columns and fall on the gray thread. Thus, gradually adding new spots to form the entire bead.

We knit the first three columns with increments to get a “pancake”.

After that we knit without additions so that the “pancake” turns into a bag. It will take about three or four more rows.

The resulting bag must be densely filled with padding polyester. The half-bead should become round and dense enough to keep its shape. The next three rows should be knitted with reduction of loops. Five loops should be reduced from each row, but not in a row, but after a few knitted columns.
Thus, we must knit two beads of the same size. When they are ready, you need to carefully push the pins through them and make loops at the end, for which we will hang the beads.

We put rings into the pin rings and hang the beads on the pins.

So, quite quickly and not so difficult, we made original and unusual knitted earrings from threads of three different colors.