Easter card in the technique of Kirigami

Cute handmade DIY cards are always nice to give and receive as a gift. This type of creativity not only raises the mood, but also positively affects fine motor skills. Therefore, to perform this master class will be useful even for children, but only under the supervision and with the help of parents.
To make a postcard we need:
- Board for work. It will be more convenient to cut paper and cut small parts. In addition, the table will not suffer from your creativity;
- Colored paper in different shades. Any colors can be used. I chose paper in one color scheme, but you can use more contrast solutions as you like;
- scissors;
- Good paper glue to surely stick together all the details of the card;
- A scalpel knife. I recently purchased a whole set in an office supply store. If there is no such knife, you can use the usual construction knife, but then you will need more skill and accuracy;
- And a pencil to draw all the details of a postcard.

We start by making the basics of our postcards. For her, a thicker sheet of paper is well suited, which must be cut into two equal parts. We will make a postcard from only one half, then from the second you will make another postcard.

Fold half the sheet in half. Here is our foundation and ready.

Now we take a sheet of paper that is more contrasting in color and cut out a rectangle of the same size with a postcard from it.

On this rectangle with a pencil draw arcs. It should be something like a half cloud.

We cut out our half-cloud. This plain rectangle in our postcard will play the role of the background. Therefore, we glue it on our card with a slight indentation from the place of the fold.

Then we take a sheet of light color and draw an Easter bunny on it.

So that the postcard would not be too boring, I decided to add a color different from the main color scheme. Therefore, on yellow paper, I drew a butterfly and cut it out.

We cut out our rabbit. Make sure that all the stripes on our Easter bunny are also cut out. A brighter color will appear through these slots, and the rabbit will look three-dimensional. Then, together with the butterfly, glue it on the card.

The result was such a tender and sweet postcard, which is nice to present as a gift to your parents on this bright and kind holiday.