Hair Band "Venus"

No matter how many things a girl has, but she always has something missing, because there are only a few. And this has its advantages and disadvantages, in principle, like medals - two sides. Any accessory or detail of the women's toilet should not only be “in the subject”, but also make the girl more mysterious and mysterious, so that the girl was not simple, but with a twist. Here is a riddle and can make any exclusive item for hair, such as a hoop or bezel.
A wonderful and summer hair band can be made by yourself. For him we will need materials such as: two thin ribbons of different colors with a width of half a centimeter and a meter long, a meter tape with a width of 4 cm, an elastic band for hair color, a tape of 0.5 m, threads with a needle and scissors.

And so, for starters, take two thin ribbons and tie at the ends of their knot.

Next, we make one loop with ribbons (to make it clearer, see the photo below).

We stretch one of the ribbons, in our case yellow, into the second, and to fix this loop, we tighten it with blue.

We take the blue ribbon, make a loop and pass it through the yellow one.

Again, take the yellow loop and pass through the blue. Until the end we alternate loops of ribbons by color. When the ribbons finish, then you need to stretch one of them and pull it through the loop, in such a way that you can fix this little thing, and therefore tie it to several knots.

Now the turn came to the gum. We need it so that the rim does not fly off when walking, and to wear it without problems, and pain. We sew the ends of the elastic and our weaving of ribbons.

You can leave the rim in this form, but you can diversify it with a beautiful and neat flower.
We will need our tape meter. Cut it in half.

The upper part of the tape is cut off in waves.

When we coped with this task, we proceed to the next and do the assembly from the bottom of the tape. Assembly is done in the form of an accordion.

We turn the tape on the front side, carefully sew and make the shape of a flower.

To prevent the flower from breaking into strings, singe them with matches or a lighter. Just watch, so as not to burn the flower completely, otherwise all the work is worth nothing.
The last stage of our creation will be the sewing of a flower to the rim.
You can make such a rim not only to yourself, but also to your friends and acquaintances and their children as a gift. Believe me, your gift will not be left without worthy attention, and for those who wear it, it will bring happiness, luck and good mood. Moreover, the flower on the rim will emphasize your femininity, which is important.