False Ceiling Installation

The problem of the upper floors is often chronic leakage from the ceiling. In this case, a leak on the kitchen ceiling became an obsessive nightmare for a young family.

As a result, it was decided to hang a plastic ceiling with built-in lights and forget about the annoying problem once and for all.
The first and most difficult procedure in the installation of the ceiling is the fixing of metal suspensions. For this, holes in the ceiling are punched with a puncher or a powerful drill, into which the dowel-nails are inserted whose length is 60 mm. Metal dangles are fixed on these dowel nails.

Suspensions are placed in parallel stripes. The distance between the suspensions is 60 cm.

When the suspensions are fixed over the entire area of ​​the ceiling, we fasten the wooden slats 25x40 mm in size to the suspensions with metal screws.

When fixing the rails, it is necessary to ensure that all of them are in the same plane, for this it is necessary to use the construction level.

Carefully measuring the length, cut off the plastic panels of the desired size. This is done with a sharp mechanical knife.

We attach the panels to the rails, with a construction stapler.

In places where the fixtures will be built in, you need to cut holes of the required size and output the electrical wires, previously insulating the ends.

When all the panels are already firmly fixed, we mount the lamps and insert them into the prepared holes.

Now the ceiling is almost ready and it looks completely different.

On the perimeter we fix the ceiling plinth on a white mounting adhesive.

Now the ceiling is ready and looks great.